I have tools and insight that will help you realign your personal potential, infuse your organization with innovative energy, and catalyze positive results with a unique view of individual and/or organizational change that focuses on what's truly important- recognizing your specific goals and achieving them!

For individuals, corporations, organizations, or institutions:

Identify where you really are (vs. where you think you are)
Decide exactly where you want to be (and precisely what that looks like)
Strategize the fastest and most efficient way to get there
Recalibrate and monitor your route to stay on-track

Are you looking for ideas and insight for your corporation? Or are you investigating individual change and growth? Explore the ways that I can help.

My years of experience have generated the wisdom that could put you on the path to evolutionary change.

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"Ron is an expert in topics that are keys to the development of professionals and managers in today's business world. In fact, he has the ability to understand the implicit needs of our clients and to offer customized development solutions that will help individuals achieve their goals. "

Fatima Amelia Grich
Marketing Communications Advisor
John Molson Executive Centre
Montreal, Quebec


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